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Management of Specialty Application Services, Inc. believes safety cannot be viewed as a priority which can be ranked in a vertical order of importance, but must be looked upon as a value which is inherent in every part of our operations.  Further, we believe our most important assets are the people who perform the work.  Nothing is more important than providing a safe and healthful environment in which to work.  In carrying out this policy, it is clear the only acceptable level of performance is Zero Incidents and Zero Accidents at every worksite and on our projects each and every day.  We believe that such performance is achievable with full commitment and diligent effort by each and every member of the SAS organization.

Creation of a Zero Incidents and Zero Accidents environment on SAS projects requires a thorough understanding and complete acceptance of the following principals:

  • Safety must be viewed as a value which adheres to every facet of SAS operations.  It  must not be viewed as a priority, which can be arranged in order of importance when other factors bring pressure to bear to place more importance on another aspect of our business.
  • Safety leadership creating a Zero Incidents and Zero Accidents environment must exist independent of individual personalities or individuals.
  • Only a project free from incident and accidents can be expected to be consistently productive and rewarding.  The only acceptable performance is Zero Incidents and Zero Accidents.
  • Each and every employee, regardless of position, must accept and execute his/her safety responsibility.
  • Through proper training, planning, and compliance with state-of-the-art safety processes and practices, all accidents can be prevented.
  • With proper planning and foresight, all jobsite hazards can be eliminated or guarded before an accident can occur.

We wish to welcome each employee to Specialty Application Services, Inc., and we shall expect your full participation in our Zero Incidents and Zero Accidents Program.


At Specialty Application Services our objective is to meet or exceed the safety expectations of our customers. Our daily and long-term records are to reflect an excellent safety performance. Our goal is to be viewed as a leader in the industry in the area of safety.


SAS is committed to a safe work place and will take all necessary measures to ensure safety in all aspects of our operations.


Consistent with the general statements regarding performance in the Executive Summary, SAS’s goals for all projects are as follows:

■            Accident-free and incident-free operations
■            No lost-time injuries
■            Safe and healthy work environment
■            No environmental problems

To achieve and/or approach the above goals, management and line supervision must work together for common, measurable performance objectives.  Respectively, those objectives are:

■            An incident rate of zero (classified by OSHA guidelines)
■            Zero near-miss and actual incidents



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