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SAS specializes in subsea thermal insulation application on a broad range of complex geometry wellhead equipment including, Trees, Manifolds, Jumpers, PLETs, Connectors and Shrouds.

  • TFMC Novolastic
  • Dow XTI-1003
  • Rosehill Polymers
  • Subsea Corrosion Coatings


Take a look at the product brochure to learn more about the TFMC Novolastic product line.

Novolastic XG (Glass Syntactic Silicone)

FMC Technologies is focused on developing subsea fields more efficiently and economically. By providing subsea thermal management solutions that shorten and stabilize application times, such as Novolastic, FMC Technologies is lowering risk to project deadlines. In addition to the ease of application, Novolastic was designed to provide superior performance and has a field track record to prove it.

Proven Solution

To help delay the onset of hydrate formation and prevent wax deposition, Novolastic was developed by leveraging FMC Technologies’ subsea experience and technology.

This proprietary glass-syntactic, silicone-based material is cast-in-place and can be readily applied to subsea trees, manifolds, PLET’s, PLEM’s, jumpers, and similar components at any site worldwide.

Novolastic XL (Non-Syntactic Silicone)

Novolastic has been rigorously qualified over the years and meets the standards of nearly every operator. Through extensive qualification testing, Novolastic complies with the ISO 12736 standard (general and specific properties, aging, full-scale testing, application process and quality control).

  • Stable thermal performance over time.
  • Proven field track record.
  •  Minimal heat transfer, resulting in very low thermal expansion.
  • Optimal thermal insulation solution for subsea equipment.
  • Able to cure at ambient room temperatures.
  • Does not require preheating of substrate or molds and does not provide any risk of exothermic cracking.
  • Simple and easy application.
  • Cast-in-place with molds to accommodate complex geometries.
  • Increase machinability and application ease due to the patented suspension of glass microspheres in silicone resin.


Take a look at the product brochure to learn more about DOWSIL™ XTI-1003 RTV.


Protect Subsea Equipment with Advanced, Non-Syntactic Silicone Insulation. Based on solid silicone science, DOWSIL XTI-1003 RTV Silicone Rubber Insulation is designed to help achieve a more reliable, cost-efficient and lower-risk subsea wet insulation system for HP/HT equipment used in deepwater production and tieback systems. The “pure silicone” technology has potential advantages over syntactic urethanes, epoxies and silicones to help prevent flowline blockages and provide specified no-touch times for shutdowns.

Our non-syntactic, two-part, room-temperature-curing thermal insulation solution, DOWSIL XTI-1003 RTV Silicone Rubber Insulation, offers:

  • High performance – To help operators meet specified needs for structural and thermal integrity in high-temperature/high-pressure environments.
  • Ease of application – To ensure reliable performance by helping coating specialists reduce process inconsistencies and optimize quality control.

  • Thermal stability across a wide temperature range.
  • Good insulating properties for longer cool down times.
  • Excellent flexibility and resistance to cracking.
  • Easier processing for simple and complex structures.
  • Joint integrity with strong silicone-to-silicone bonding.
  • Fast addition-reaction cure at ambient temperatures in unlimited thickness; can be accelerated with heat.
  • Available in yellow or translucent.
Not ALL Silicones Are Created Equal

Dow Corning® XTI-1003 RTV Silicone Rubber Insulation is a
unique, high-strength, two-part, RTV liquid silicone rubber elastomer
developed from a proven high-performance silicone polymer base
and a platinum-catalyzed addition-cure system.

Rosehill Polymers

For well over two decades Rosehill has successfully challenged established products and processes in a wide range of industries and applications. We develop innovative products for the oil and gas industry based on entirely new and unique processing technologies.

These technologies allow Rosehill chemists to combine various materials to form entirely new types of products. In effect, these are polymer alloys which offer enhanced performance over more traditional materials in terms of hot wet ageing, adhesion and abrasion resistance, but they retain many of the advantages associated with traditional PU systems in terms of ease and speed of processing. Each bespoke product has been designed for use in specific applications to our client’s unique requirements.

These applications include oil and gas flow lines, field joints, bend stiffeners, bend restrictors, VIV strakes, cable protection products and custom coating line pipe applications.

Some advantages of Rosehill Offshore’s innovative systems include;

  • Industry leading ‘hot-wet’ high temperature performance technology
  • Increased adhesion to parent coatings and substrates
  • Fast cycle times
  • Significant logistical flexibility with regard to the storage and transportation of raw materials
  • Suitable for Reeling, S-lay, J-lay installations

Flexilon RS-3060, RS-3173 & RS-3604

Flexilon RS-3060 is a mercury-free, epoxy-polyurethane alloy system. Flexilon RS-3060 has superior thermal and hydrolytic stability compared to standard polyurethane systems.


Flexilon RS-3060 is suitable for use in a wide range of moulding applications, particularly those where toughness and fast cycle times are required.

Download RS-3060 brochure (.PDF)Download RS-3604 brochure (.PDF)Download RS-3173 brochure (.PDF)

What we offer

SAS offers spray applied coating systems on fully assembled trees

  • Ensures a smooth, uniform finish
  • All tubing and components are fully protected
  • Includes subsea markings and stencils

Expedited field joint coatings


SP-2888® R.G. is an epoxy/polyurethane Hybrid coating based on “State of the Art” epoxy/urethane chemistry. The synergistic effect of co-polymerizing epoxy and polyurethane produces a coating with the superior adhesion and corrosion resistance of an epoxy along with the added toughness of a polyurethane.

Download brochure (.PDF)

Canusa HBE-95

The Canusa HBE-95 is an advanced two-component epoxy coating system which has been specifically formulated for pipelines worldwide. Applied to bare steel, HBE-95 has proven to withstand operating temperatures up to 95°C (302°F) with superior performance.

Download brochure (.PDF)

Protal 7200

Protal 7200 is a VOC free, 100% solids, 2 part epoxy coating specially formulated to compliment FBE coated pipe. It is a high build liquid coating that is brush or spray applied (referred to as Protal 7250 in Canada) in one coat in the field or shop. It cures very fast to allow quick handling and backfill times.

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